Let’s be smart about the future of Union Bay and take the next logical step for stability

We can no longer just sit and wait for something to happen to improve the financial outlook for landowners. We have never had to bear the cost of a major infrastructure failure and it is only a matter of time before that happens. We are paying for every cent of the Water Treatment Facility with no grants or even a lower interest rate and this is just the beginning. Add on a new firehall for $4 Million and then there will be the need for an additional fire truck. Sewage costs will be forced on us in the near future. The total costs of the ‘knowns’ are staggering never mind the ‘unknowns’ that we will face with aging infrastructure.

As each month passes we are going to be facing even more debt. The sooner we find out if it is beneficial to become a service area of the CVRD the better. All these years we have been told the developer would be bearing the costs and that simply didn’t happen. It’s time to look elsewhere for assistance. We will become an expensive place to live in the valley if we’re paying 100% of the costs while everyone else gets grants and lower interest rates.

The first step is for the board to simply write the letter to the CVRD requesting they start the process of doing a study on the pros and cons so we can make an informed decision. The study is independent and doesn’t cost Union Bay landowners a cent or take away manpower from UBID.

Let’s insist on getting the facts.

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