Lies, lies, lies or unable to answer – Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting brought to you by a useless board

Too ignorant and oblivious to be embarrassed. Can’t help but notice some people automatically lie in their first response to questions…

The Admin was a no show because he didn’t want to attend. So just like last years AGM no one was able to answer financial questions.

If the video is posted it will be incomplete because the guy they hired to video record the meeting either didn’t have an extra battery or his card was full – either way it is unacceptable. The admin couldn’t be counted on to video the meetings so we’re paying someone to come and turn the camera on and off.

This board claims there was a bylaw passed to borrow $3.5 Million dollars over 25 years. If this is the case, it was done behind closed doors without any landowner approval. NOTE: this bylaw is to be posted on the UBID website as a result of the question posed by a landowner according to the consultants UBID hired to facilitate the AGM.

Trustee Kaljur provided info as to the costs the landowners are paying for the Water Treatment plant which has been kept from the public. NOTE: these figures are also to be posted on the UBID website according to the consultants.

A landowner new to Union Bay asked where he could find the information that was being discussed at the AGM and if it was on the UBID website. Ha ha. The UBID website is a piss poor excuse of a local government keeping landowners informed!

I left towards the end when Jacques made a speech – who cares what he has to say? This tool had the nerve to distribute a flyer deciding who was part of the community and who wasn’t. Good fucking riddance! Two down – two to go.

This board negotiated down when they negotiated the Oct. 2017 Water Infrastructure Agreement. KIP had always offered 4 acres for the Fire Dept. and these brainiacs negotiated 1 hectare. Jacques tried to claim KIP didn’t offer 4 acres, I guess he forgot about the letter he asked KIP for the day after the Facilitator and UBID negotiated a deal June 6, 2016. See below.

The Water Infrastructure Agreement can be viewed on this post from Oct. 2017 when the document was published. It was removed from UBID’s website and replaced with a 2 page summary in January 2019, with the Admin wanting $1200. from anyone who wishes to view it.

Below is the letter Haraldson and Kaljur disagreed on tonight.

This is the letter from the Ministry regarding the actions of this stupid board where it clearly states: “The principle of collective decision-making means the Chair and individual Trustees cannot exercise powers unilaterally or commit the improvement district to any particular action…” NOTE: the date of January 9, 2017 is a typo – it was sent January 9, 2018.

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