This specific incident was brought up a number of times at the Aug. 15, 2019 UBID Board Meeting. The admin wanted to charge almost $1300. as a ‘conservative estimate’ for a copy of the 2017 KIP/UBID Potable Water Servicing and Infrastructure Agreement. The admin claimed UBID’s legal counsel advised the Agreement could not be released beyond the summary posted on UBID’s website.

The admin has remained unchallenged on this matter until it was brought up at one of the meetings where the consultants were present. We have now learned that the admin supposedly misread the letter from legal counsel. Now the story is that the board voted to remove the agreement from the website after receipt of the letter from legal counsel. I challenge that statement. If there was such a motion, it would be in the minutes. Let’s see the minutes where the board voted to remove the agreement.

It is bizarre that the admin would require even 2 minutes to locate the agreement. It is an electronic document and this blatant attempt at discouraging anyone from submitting a FOI request should not be tolerated.