Union Bay Estates ‘remediating’ contaminated soil.

This is a follow up to this post: https://allthingsunionbay.com/2019/03/30/union-bay-estates-contamination-not-confined-to-the-coal-hills-plus-cesspool-of-contaminants-now-included-in-100-acre-park/

Contaminated soil being dug at a large Union Bay development won’t be leaving the area.

According to the ministry, the environmental consultant being used by Union Bay Estates at the project is preparing a plan that includes onsite containment of the excavated soils. That plan will be reviewed by the ministry as part of a remedial plan approval process.

Look at the remedial process – just move it around!

Look at all the ‘black’ soil being excavated for the deli/cafe – lots of contaminated soil in the land KIP values the most. Imagine the prices people are going to pay to live/play on contaminated soil!

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