It seems Paul Healey has quit as Union Bay Improvement District Trustee – no notice on UBID’s website.

Attended the UBID COW meeting at 9 am and the trustees discussed calling a by election but never stated Healey had quit.

Funny, the back and forth about the Ministry. First it was we have to do what the Ministry states regarding the Water Treatment plant before anything else can be considered, then when the Ministry stated they will not entertain an incorporation study – they claimed the Ministry can’t tell them what to do. Today it’s let wait to hear what the Ministry says regarding the by election.

Had to leave when they went ‘in camera’. This is the meeting where they are going to spend your money on staff. Will be interesting to see how much of an increase is given this year. Apparently, we will be notified at the Oct. 2019 Board meeting.

The gong show in Union Bay will continue until we are a service area of the CVRD. There has been no progress in the way the Improvement District is run since Oct. 2016. Trustees expecting to slip into the positions and carry on – the problem is the ‘carry on’ part. It’s no point in carrying on with the same mistakes every month.

There is so much wrong with this Improvement District – it can never be fixed by electing trustees who may have great intentions but are unaware of all the problems. UBID is not run as a small government because no one knows what they are doing.

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