Sept. 19, 2019 video of Union Bay Improvement District meeting now posted for all to see the drama queens.

You might want to skip to the last few minutes to see how a certain trustee loses it and takes over the meeting with the Chair parroting his instructions after jumping to his feet.

The gong show continues. Tues. the board was planning a by election obviously for Paul Healey’s position as he must have quit since he was the only one absent from the COW meeting. Now we hear he has ‘unquit’ ‘unresigned’? Of course nothing was posted on UBID’s website as they see no reason for landowners to be aware of what the hell is going on.

The problems are not going to be fixed by a different Chair! We have a majority of trustees and admin who are ignorant of the FOIPPA and Robert’s Rules. So how the hell is it ever going to improve? They just keep bumbling along continuing the same mistakes. Imagine that – a local government admin being ignorant of the FOIPPA! And, because the majority of trustees aren’t interested, this little government office blatantly violates the FOIPPA. Just ask them to explain why they believe anything to do with employees falls under ‘in camera’.

Do these guys even watch the videos or do they simply rely on their faulty memories and inflated egos? Since when did one of the trustees become a legal expert about lawsuits?

Why does the video guy sit so far back from the board? The farther he is away the more difficult it is to hear what’s being said. Has anyone instructed him to sit closer?

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