Union Bay Improvement District – months of boil water ahead again this year?

Another cartoon for Union Bay – the joke of the Comox Valley https://image.issuu.com/191024194524-ad58f09f476d929b6499605978ff631d/jpg/page_8.jpg

Previous posts about boil water advisories: https://allthingsunionbay.com/?s=boil+water+advisory

Remember all the congratulations and trustees patting themselves on the back about the water treatment plant and no more boil water advisories? At the Oct. 2017 meeting when the agreement with KIP was announced, the chair said UBID might meet the Aug. 2018 deadline to have a plant up and running. He said they could have shovels in the ground in Jan. or Feb. 2018.

Well, they sat on their asses for months before finally getting around to actually planning the system. Then landowners were told it would be in 2019, now we hear it will be early 2020.

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