You will note that when Trustee Kaljur brings up a point of order regarding the omission of an item that she had specifically asked to be added to the agenda for the meeting, all hell breaks out again because Haraldson (and usually Bitten) use ‘point of order’ to prevent Kaljur from finishing her point of order (which was recognized by the Chair).

Chair Vandenberg allowed Haraldson to interrupt which led to the disruption. The Chair was wrong in allowing another Trustee to speak up without ruling on the original point of order by Kaljur.

I know Hein is trying but these same problems arise at every meeting because none of these trustees are qualified/experienced/trained in Robert’s Rules with the exception of Kaljur. Plus, the admin seems to conveniently omit Kaljur’s items from agendas.

We are going on 3 years with a local government office blatantly violating the FOIPP Act and showing no interest in learning or abiding by Federal and Provincial legislation.

When Kaljur left the meeting, there were no disruptions because the remaining trustees continue without a fucking clue and are happy with their collective ignorance and believe they know everything they need to know. Union Bay – the joke of the valley.

Why does the video guy sit so far back?