The Conversion Petition the Union Bay Improvement District completely ignored for 3 years.

This post is what transpired with the petition presented Nov. 13, 2016, through to Feb. 2018. It’s disgusting watching the incompetence Union Bay has suffered since the pro KIP trustees were elected.

If the outcome of the referendum on conversion is to join the CVRD, the earliest we could become a service area is Jan. 2021. If the board would have acted on the landowners petition presented in Nov. 2016, we wouldn’t have faced the same costs for the Water Treatment Plant we are now paying. Even without grants we would have saved a bundle on interest since we would be eligible for financing 2 points under prime on infrastructure loans.

Trustee Bitten is up for re election in April 2020. The community showed Loxam the door at the April 2019 election. Let’s show Bitten the door in April.

Had it been up to the gong show creators, we wouldn’t be given the opportunity to decide our future and become a service area of the CVRD. KIP has always been the promoter of incorporation/municipality and had his flunkies do his bidding. Bitten’s reasoning for not joining the CVRD is the UBID staff – doesn’t matter what we are paying as long as a handful of employees are the first priority.

Who negotiates down? Only the Union Bay Improvement District!

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