Our so called Area Director – Daniel Arbour – who knows what he’s doing – can’t rely on his calendar and didn’t answer my email.

So according to Arbour’s calendar, which we know is unreliable because of his hissy fit when I and other landowners relied on it in Dec., he is attending the Union Bay Community Club’s Annual General Meeting tomorrow night at 7 pm. Maybe he’s just attending and not speaking.

When is he going to put out a couple of bucks and rent a room at the hall to speak to the community? How many meetings has he had for “updates on Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates” and yet not a word to let us know what is going on?

What is the plan for the “…cesspool of contaminants that continued to leech (sic) into Baynes Sound” according to KIP/Union Bay Estates VP, Brian McMahon?

Here’s the main page on his webpage – geezuz it’s a picture from the market! Look how many people can fit in to that confined space. This is the best he can do? This is the picture he chose to show him engaged with the community? https://danielarbour.ca

Here’s a screenshot of his calendar:

Here’s the email he couldn’t be bothered to answer.

Received a card in my mail “CVRD Electoral Areas Community Update #2”. Followed the instructions to get updates in Area A – wow 2 pages and most of it pictures. I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly informed! And this massive information is going out a whopping twice a year. How does he keep up this busy schedule?

Note the wastewater management? Emphasis added by me. The Electoral Area Services Committee will be presented with possible options in the coming weeks. What are they going to saddle us with? What is sleazy (in my opinion) KIP planning?

Landowners will pay dearly – remember last time they wanted less than 1000 homes to pay $60 Million dolllars? They also wanted to start billing us right away even though there was no guarantee the project would even go ahead. KIP offered nothing when the study was going on.

Add the promise of of a sewage system by this sleazy developer (in my opinion) to the endless empty promises over the last 15 years.

So we will pay dearly for the sewage and then have the added bonus of dumping it into Washer/Hart Creek. Doesn’t that sound great considering when the CVRD wanted us to pay $60 Million – it was not going to be dumped into Baynes Sound or Washer/Hart Creek.

Community Conversation Thank you to everyone who attended one of our Let’s Hear From You Events” – all eight of you – what a turnout. How did he manage to answer all those questions? Arbour shows up about as much as McMahon!

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