Perhaps the person making that statement isn’t aware of the MDA and its triggers.

Yes, the person isn’t aware!

A legend in his own mind. Over 3 years on the board and is just as clueless as he was when he claimed the EXPIRED WIA was still legal, thinks he’s an expert regarding the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act spouting off nonsense. Thought he could copyright UBID meetings. Claims he follows RENA – Research, Evaluate, Negotiate, Act. Big fail – doesn’t get past the first step – Research!

Was it news to the McMahon listed in the recipients that the “Development is stalled”?

So what did Mrknowitall do when he saw an old rusty barge pulled up into the middle of the drylands sort? Well, he asked other Union Bay landowners, that’s how information is verified – ask people who don’t know.

“I brought this up to a few people in Union Bay and they suggested that a permit had been issued by the Regional District to allow a scrap company to cut up old boats at this site. I cannot believe that this could have happened.”

After not bothering to find out if there was a permit issued or what authority would actually be in charge of issuing a permit, Mrknowitall concludes:

“With the development stalled and a permit to scrap old boats in our community, the Regional District is turning Union Bay into a Third World Country.” 

Let’s be clear here. This is an attempt to paint the CVRD as the boogeyman. This is the same guy along with other Kiplets who refused to do anything with the petition presented to the board in Nov. 2016 from landowners who wanted to know the pros and cons of joining the CVRD. The same guy who was more concerned about the handful of UBID employees positions if we became a service area rather than what is best for Union Bay landowners. The same guy who wanted the unqualified admin to do the study “when he had time”.

If anyone wants to know information, don’t bother with Arbour, contact the staff at the CVRD – they are the knowledgeable ones and are consistent with their prompt and accurate responses. A fellow landowner received the following when they inquired about the so called permit issued:

Can’t join the CVRD fast enough as far as I’m concerned. It’s the staff and professionals that we need instead of the hokey, hillbilly system we presently suffer.