Nothing happened for weeks and now digging a big hole where soil was trucked in last year. This is normal for KIP. That’s all this developer has done, clear land and make a mess every time there is a claim of ‘moving ahead’.

Months have gone by with nothing happening in the Phase One area – lots of trenches and soil moved around.

So KIP wants to dump 1875 Cubic meters of treated sewage into Hart/Washer Creek daily from Oct. through May. This will be sewage from all of Union Bay and Royston. How can that be approved? The creek is very shallow – there is not a lot of water flowing.


The CVRD received the following information from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change:

“The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change received on November 11, 2019 a final application package from Kensington Union Bay Properties GP Limited for registration under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation for a seasonal discharge of up to 1,875 cubic meters per day of treated municipal sewage to Hart Creek during the months of October through May with storage and reclaimed water use during the rest of the year. The proposed discharge would serve a commercial and residential development in Union Bay subject of a Master Development Agreement with the Comox Valley Regional District. 

The Ministry’s next steps are a comprehensive review of the application for compliance with the Municipal Wastewater Regulation including review of the Environmental Impact Study, and First Nation consultation. There is no formal public consultation process for registrations under regulations such as the Municipal Wastewater Regulation. The review and decision phase takes up to 10 months to complete. Questions regarding the review of this application may be directed to Melanie Mamoser at The status of the application can be viewed here using the Tracking Number 370094 or Authorization Number 109314″

BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (MOECC)Sewer treatment plantsContaminated site remediationDesign and construct sewer system to service the Union Bay Estates development.The wastewater treatment facility to be designed to accommodate additional cells to handle the sanitary sewer flow from Royston and Union Bay if those sewer systems are tied into the Union Bay Estates sewer system in the future.