There is a reason why there is never ever any new improvement districts created. It is not a fair and accountable form of governance. It is outdated.

The Ministry replied to my question as to why UBID wasn’t arranging for electronic meetings during the pandemic.

Received this from Chair Munro. Note the line about 2 consecutive technology failures – the failures are due to incompetence and a lack of interest in keeping up with technology and being trained. We had a professional admin until Feb. 2017, who took pride in their position and could be relied on to answer all enquiries and if he didn’t know the answer, would find out. The position was his first priority – not secondary while performing another job at the same time. Since this new admin was hired, new deputy hired, new computers purchased, new $40,000. billing software, new camera to record meetings but is unable to operate the camera so a guy is hired to turn it on and off. Not to mention the ridiculous wages being paid for 1/5 the service we had. We are being taken to the cleaners.