Do these people think they are telling us something new when they claim they will inform the landowners and be transparent? This is the same song sung by the many individuals who claimed to represent the landowners and there is only a handful that actually followed through on these promises for the last 15 to 20 years. Just words to stop people questioning them and they all adopt the same tactics to prevent transparency.

We still have trustees who are ignorant of UBID’s bylaws and policies bumbling through month after month, year after year. CVRD is looking better every day.

Where are all the other COW Meetings for the last couple of years? Again, they throw in one and expect landowners to be satisfied. It’s just another shitshow..

What are the costs of running the new treatment plant?

Is there peat sludge that has to be trucked away?

Who is the female reading the water meters? This job was not advertised – it’s a buddy of someone. That’s how UBID has always operated – give friends and relatives jobs that are not posted.

This board, like the previous one, is not capable of providing information because they simply have no idea how to run an Improvement District. They have had zero training and like the admin that was finally removed, they are just as incompetent and ill equipped for the task.