VOTE YES for conversion

Advance poll on Tuesday, Nov. 17, with general voting day set for Saturday, Nov. 28. Voting time each day occurs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Union Bay Community Hall.

Get the facts. UBID Conversion Study.

This link is to a very long post giving the compete history of the stunts pulled by the board to deny landowners access to information on becoming a service area. In Nov. 2017, Kaljur brought forth a motion which passed with a yes from Elliott and Kaljur and no coming from Loxam and Bitten, Jacques broke the tie and voted yes. When Jacques voted he said “There’s no harm in getting information”. Well, that all changed after that meeting. Jacques must have been scolded for daring to vote for the motion. The 17 minutes of discussion was ‘accidentally’ erased from the meeting video. They dealt with that pesky motion that had passed by ignoring it as though it never happened and created a new one which specifically stated a letter would not be sent to the RD.

Here’s an excerpt from the 2011 WIA regarding ownership and the fact KIP didn’t comply with any of the conditions in the agreement and yet wanted an extension.

Loxam’s letter containing false information regarding the expired Water Infrastructure Agreement. This was after 3 trustees resigned when Loxam and Jacques went behind the back of the board and negotiated with KIP. Pretty much the whole letter is bullshit. In the 2011 WIA, KIP would own the temporary treatment plant on land leased from KIP until a permanent one was built. The community was told it was a $1.7 Million ‘gift’ but turned out to be an interest free loan on a temporary treatment facility we wouldn’t own until we no longer needed one – as a permanent one would be built. Make sense?

NOTE: The second last paragraph above – “Trustee Peter Jacques and I are confident that, with some adjustments, this previous agreement can be extended and made workable”. Again, there is no legal basis for this statement – none of them bothered to find out if an expired agreement could be extended! This is the madness that infects this community.

Letter below Jacques and Loxam presented to the rest of the board they received from McMahon when they went behind the board (and the government appointed facilitator when McMahon claimed the board wouldn’t meet with him), to negotiate an agreement. Please take note of the 4 acres for the firehall – it was always to be 4 acres until these goofs brought it into the 2017 agreement and NEGOTIATED DOWN!

Only a ‘special’ person could write the letter below justifying their statements in the above letter. It appears a contract doesn’t need to actually have details and specifics that could withstand legal challenges. You just need to talk to those involved who negotiated a multi-million dollar contract and have them explain to you “what the intent was”! I’m sure a judge would have no problem with a legal ruling because someone tells you what their intent was at the time, but they didn’t write it down.

Then this doozy. Seriously? I love how he mentions “…in addition to the land already identified for the firehall…” Ya, that was 4 acres that YOU negotiated down!

Loxam really went to town on the bullshit above. This is what Trustee Kaljur provided in response to the wild claim about having the consent of the chair to negotiate with KIP:

Five green trustees at their first official meeting. Here’s Loxam explaining his interpretation of the expired WIA after speaking to two of the parties involved in the negotiation. If it’s not written down – you can’t spin it into something else. You will notice Bitten speak up without being confirmed by the Chair telling everyone that the chair must be recognized! You can’t make this shit up. Loxam then goes on to introduce a motion to extend the expired Water Infrastructure Agreement. Lots of ignorant statements made about the agreement still being legal – this is 2 years after the agreement expired and not one of these idiots bothered to find out if it could legally be extended. Bitten believes the contract is legal and binding. Again, just his gut – no due diligence, and this is how these guys governed. No due diligence – a recipe for disaster at the expense of the community.

Here’s when Jacques admits to not obtaining legal advice before supporting the extension of the expired 2011 WIA but tries to justify his incompetent actions. When are people going to wake up to the fact these dolts never had a clue and failed to learn anything?

If any of these dolts had bothered to read the opinions already received by UBID confirming the agreement was dead or bothered to contact UBID’s lawyer, it would have saved time and upheaval in the community. NOTE: “…the ‘force majeure clause cannot be unilaterally invoked by UBID nor has a claim of force majeure been established…”. The good little puppets loved to parrot Kensington Island Properties who was always whining about the ‘force majeure” clause.

Bitten just can’t stand it when Trustee Kaljur speaks. He never allows her to complete a statement, so worried she will divulge the bullshit that is taking place. Bitten also goes after the newspaper reporter for taking pictures at a public meeting.

The illegal suspension of a duly elected trustee. The board also held a meeting in a secret location to prevent Trustee Kaljur from attending. This is the level of incompetence you will continue to have if we remain an Improvement District.

This is a funny quote from Haraldson talking about following the rules and bylaws all the while unlawfully suspending a trustee. See, it’s idiots learning one huge mistake at a time.

“Union Bay has had it’s problems, with it’s boards, for a number of years,” said Haraldson.

“The only way that you’re going to rectify this, straighten it out, is turn around and you have to start using the bylaws, using the rules, and following them. If the rules aren’t followed, then that’s what you have, you have a problem.”

He stated that Kaljur would not be participating in any meetings while suspended, and indicated that the Annual General Meeting in April will be the next meeting where the public will be allowed to attend.