Who Did UBID Rely on for Advice When Building the Water Treatment Plant? Was it KIP?

…do you want to chance the site not being large enough for the future… the choice is yours. Brian McMahon, VP KIP July 30, 2012, cautioning 5 acres was too small.

The KIP board (2016 to 2020) was the least transparent so it’s difficult to know exactly who they relied on for their information before making a final decision on what type of Water Treatment Facility they would build. The majority of these trustees NEVER researched anything so it’s hard to believe they would change their ways with the Water Treatment Facility. The majority were close to KIP and have parroted his bullshit over the years so I would guess that most or all of their information/advice came from KIP including the 4 acre size of the land for the WTF.

Why 4 acres? Why didn’t the board negotiate 6 acres for the WTF since they gave KIP back almost 2 acres of the 4 he promised for the new fire hall? Because they were not equipped/experienced to be negotiating a multi million dollar deal – just like KIP wanted – ignorant and gullible – a developer’s dream.

The Molstad Board (2011 to 2016) were the opposite and researched and planned for the future of Union Bay to ensure large infrastructure projects like the Water Treatment Facility could be expanded for community growth and protecting future landowners from being forced to start from scratch because of the lack of land to expand. The Molstad board knew their limitations and hired a professional negotiator and a water expert to represent UBID negotiating with KIP.

The KIP board promptly dismissed the professional negotiator and the water expert in 2016 and with five green trustees and an administrator with no experience, negotiated a multi million dollar agreement on land limited in size because that’s what the developer told them was adequate.

You will note the information about the ‘sludge’ and its removal. Right now we are paying $1000. a month to haul mostly water away. What a waste. Some of the info below shows what the Molstad board looked into regarding the sludge – did the KIP board look at any of the previous board’s work as a starting point? Why did the Water Supt. state on Oct. 22, 2020 it would cost $200,000. to remove the water from the sludge? He was still Water Supt. when all this correspondence was happening and yet it appears it was ignored in the building of the WTF. Alan Webb was a trustee at the time and very knowledgable as you will see from his problem solver attitude in the emails below.

You have to click on the images below to enlarge them. Some of the communications that went on when the Molstad board was planning a water treatment facility on the 20 acres they purchased identified by KIP’s consultants as the ideal location for the WTF.

Contents of “Wastewater Sludge Disposal Options – Alan Webb.pdf

Contents of “Water Recycle Docs.pdf”

Contents of “Waste Water Sludge Disposal (Recovered) pdf:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo8ce3_V6ic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zg3915JkIqk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2x9SbsAOk8

This video was presented to the UBID Public Works in Nov. 2015.

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