Kensington Island Properties Claimed UBID Wouldn’t Negotiate – Guess Who Kept Insisting They Still Had a Valid Agreement. That’s Negotiating?

This video is from Sept. 2015. Listen to the whining again about UBID not negotiating while still claiming to have a valid agreement. This is after KIP’s flunkies took around a petition demanding UBID give KIP an extension on a expired agreement at the June UBID meeting, and before he got his buddy McRae to assist with a whining meeting with Minister Fassbender, and before the meeting in Victoria in Dec. 2015 where he threw a hissy fit. “Mr. McMahon replied that no he is not given he already has an active and binding agreement in place which he is adamant has not expired.

I couldn’t believe that landowners were lapping up the falsehoods stated by this developer in Mar. 2016. How could a hall full of people still support someone who claimed UBID wouldn’t negotiate with them at the same time insisting they still had a valid agreement – which means they aren’t going to negotiate? Really, how can people be so thick?

15 years of stringing the community along and still landowners believe ole slick.

Here’s Kip claiming the then Chair sent out emails to disrupt the KIP meeting. Always dividing the community.

KIP made claims that the hydro alone for the land identified by his own consultants that the then board had purchased would cost $300,000. to $500,000. – just to get hydro to the site. Nothing to back up those claims. Why was this developer so dead set against UBID building on that land? His flunkies obliged by building on the size of the land KIP told them was large enough and the location KIP wanted. His flunkies ignored the future needs of Union Bay and sold the 20 acres back to the original seller to ensure the plant would not be built near Langley Lake.

The Chair at the time spoke to the landowners explaining it was a legal process and a new agreement was required. Just the facts – a stark contrast to the bullshit spewed by KIP.

Another trustee from that time asks when will KIP sit down and negotiate.

Another landowner asks would KIP negotiate a new agreement.

“My lawyer said if we go to court on this, we would win,” said McMahon.

This quote confirms UBID would not have owned the temporary plant until we had a permanent treatment plant. All those claims of $1.7 and multiple other numbers thrown out with the 2011 WIA supposedly was a gift to the community and then later an interest free loan. It wasn’t either and yet KIP was going to get CEC credits for something KIP owned. That’s what you get when trustees negotiate.

KIP maintains its position on the temporary upgrades on KIP site would be owned by KIP until transferred to the permanent site at which time title would also be transferred to UBID

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