You know it is so discouraging to hear the same problems being discussed for years with no resolution. It’s not the current board’s fault because in 2016 UBID should have become a service area when we had trustees with zero experience and then the loss of any hope when professional Admin, Kevin Douville, left for the CVRD.

Making matters worse, the inexperienced trustees hired an Admin with NO government experience. With 3 of the 5 trustees being KIP sycophants, we were screwed. All the work accomplished by the Mostad Board was ignored including water treatment, sludge removal, collections, etc. The past 4 years was spent bumbling, hiding, lying all the while boasting of the great work being accomplished.

A lot of time and money would have been saved by simply reading what the Molstad Board had worked on to prevent duplication. We know the unqualified administration didn’t because at one point he argued about a policy he claimed wasn’t valid because it wasn’t in his binder. When Kaljur explained there was a jump drive he should have received, he was still adamant that the policy wasn’t valid due to his binder. And the Gong Show ran for 4 years never learning or showing an interest in what preceded them, guaranteeing costly mistakes.

The Molstad Board knew an office and washroom would be required for the treatment plant, they knew the sludge would be a problem and worked on solutions, they had a system to collect delinquent tolls and taxes. They brought us back from the brink of bankruptcy, recouped a good percentage of the hundreds of thousands spent by the board David Godfrey was on buying the school property without clear title. Managed to finally have the water tolls cover the actual cost of providing us with water – for those of you unaware that money had to be transferred to cover those costs. They planned for the future of Union Bay long after we’re worm food based on previous studies and reports compared to pro Kip trustees who planned according to what Kip told them.

To make matters worse, you couldn’t tell the admin or Trustees Jacques, Bitten and Loxam anything – they insisted they knew what they were talking about and that the admin was doing a great job. The same admin who ‘retired with a one day notice’ – what was the payout to get rid of him? Financial negligence for 4 years and look at the mess we are in.

NOTE: I screwed up and a couple of minutes of the recording are missing – the section is marked in the video – my apologies. Also, for some reason the audio of my questions at the end did not record on my video – not sure why.