This short clip is from July 2013. We flew over the area that is now cleared. Some of this area was logged years ago but not to the extent it is now. At one point you can see the areas cleared for the golf course that will never be built north of Washer Creek.

Forgot about these clips. Here’s another one from the same plane trip and shows the areas Kip has cleared over the years always making promises about what was coming in the very near future. It’s like Trump’s great Medical Plan coming in 2 weeks!

Just think of what this developer has gotten away with in the last 15 years. Seems to go ahead and only applies for permits after the fact ensuring they won’t be stopped. It’s only when residents start asking questions regarding the work done that any agencies get involved.

Same thing with the borrow pit. Never applied for a permit until an inspector checked out the borrow pit. This developer counts on not getting caught. Start paying attention and asking questions.

Same thing with clearing the land around the borrow pit. The landowner has been asking since Nov. 2020 about permits for this clearing around the borrow pit. As Jodi MacLean states:

We have been told by their engineering consultants that they have been retained to prepare the report addressing these land alterations. However, they have yet to submit the application and report.

NOTE: The pic below is not mine. I downloaded it from a public website.

Screenshot from my July 2013 plane trip video of the same area.