Final Union Bay Improvement District Annual General Meeting – No More Unlawful Actions by Elected UBID Officials

The last 4 years have been hell for Union Bay landowners with the creation of the Gong Show in Oct. 2016. To hear the praise last night directed at past trustees made me want to puke. You can’t rewrite history. The developer has been running the show since 2016 with the aid of his flunkies.

The new figure for the cost of the Water Treatment Plant comes in just under $5.4 million dollars. Suddenly, no one seems to care and yet we were advised it was $4.2 million. Yes, let’s praise those trustees who didn’t pay attention to the costs, locked us out of public meetings and passed borrowing bylaws in secret.

Kensington Island Properties managed to get us to pay for a water treatment plant and build on a piece of land KIP decided would be the adequate size in spite of the fact KIP advised UBID that 5 acres was too small. Remember all those promises from KIP that it would pay for a water treatment plant and build a sewage treatment plant we could connect to? We were suckers ripe for a developer to take advantage of the gullible folk believing the bullshit spewed since 2005.

How many promises has KIP actually kept since 2005?

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  1. This developer has caused many problems for landowners in Union Bay.
    It continues after 25 years.When referred to as GONG show. That is bang on.
    Never in our 60 years have we seen anything like U.B. We bought at 5071 Island hwy South end of 2015. There is a right of first refusal on this piece of property called Van West. It is NOT a logging road.
    I have asked Russell Dyson to investigate how, we know why. Our access was removed from Beaufort.
    I can find zero paperwork approving this action. The developer made it more suitable for him and Hancock Forest Products.
    We lost our access and services,a safe exit and entry. We are TRESPASSING & breaking the law entering or exiting “OUR HOUSE”
    Any human that can treat Senior’s like he and Kensington have, is outrageous to us. A Creek is dying here too. Our life in Union Bay has been like living in a Town with 2 sets of rules. The Province did NOT approve this road. Forest Land Natural Resource office has zero to do with this piece of land. It is clear to anyone that looks at Beaufort. Drive to the North end.
    It is blocked off and was cut through in 1996. We have had many sleepless nights trying to protect the area around us from crime. We are woken at all hours. Logging starts at 4 am.
    It has been a personal nightmare. We were told it was a OLD UNUSED LOGGING ROAD by Remax.
    I would encourage any fellow landowners to pick up the phone and ask why a fellow landowner is being abused. Call John Horgan,UBID
    CVRD,MOTI or FLNRD. Is it favoritism or entitlement?
    I have requested our taxes be looked at. It needs to reflect the loss of services. Those services are provided to all of you.
    I have been involved in all the protests and Elections since I met Susanna in spring 2016.
    I thank her for her assistance and service.
    I do believe from the referendum that we represent the 72%. I don’t think any of you can disagree, this situation here is unfair and maybe unlawful.
    I encourage any of you to come look for yourself. Drive to the North end of Beaufort Thanks for this blog. Thanks for reading our story.
    Kathy Calder


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