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More Union Bay Estates Sewage – CVRD Appears to be Caving to ole slick.

Continuation of this post:

Received another automatic response today – now Rutten isn’t returning to the office until May 14. Will try again.

Excerpt from this CVRD document dated July 31, 2020,

The above document was sent to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure from the CVRD “ response to the referral received June 4, 2020, concerning the proposed revised 38-lot strata subdivision…” application by 34083 Yukon Inc. (aka Kensington Island Properties, Union Bay Estates and all the other names dreamed up by this developer).

Why did the CVRD advise the Ministry the proposed system did not comply and yet now are considering allowing it? What is the justification?

Allowing KIP to build the sewage system dumping 1875 cubic meters of treated sewage into Hart/Washer Creek daily exclusively from the development while waiting for a regional system the developer can hook into is NOT “…providing a comparable sewer amenity for the community.”

As the months pass, the CVRD’s wording and justification for allowing KIP/UBE to install a sewage system exclusively for phase one, once again demonstrates the ability of this developer to renege on agreements and screw Union Bay landowners.

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