Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates Representative is at it Again

NOTE: Godfrey has never publicly disclosed he is a representative of KIP when sending in letters or distributing bullshit. Why? Why is he hiding this? He has no problem stating he is a former trustee to add weight to his bullshit.

KIP’s rep didn’t pass up the opportunity to do some PR on behalf of KIP this morning during a discussion on the Inukshuk. Convenient that he didn’t give credit to anyone else

March 2018 Landowners Update.

So it’s established that Godfrey has been KIP’s rep since at least June 2015, and here he is presenting a petition threatening legal action against the UBID trustees if they fail to allow KIP an extension to the 2011 Water Agreement which had expired Dec. 2014. So who was going to pay for this lawsuit that KIP’s rep was threatening?

Godfrey and his ilk never bothered to find out if the agreement could legally be extended. Turns out it couldn’t as advised by UBID’s counsel after Loxam, Jacques and Bitten voted to extend the 2011 agreement in Nov. 2016, two years after it had expired..

this is an audio excerpt of the KIP March 2016 meeting where KIP states Godfrey and Jacques along with KIP and McRae attended a meeting with Minister Fassbender in Nov. 2015.

MyComoxValleyNow Apr. 5, 2019 berating previous trustee who was concerned about how the water treatment plant was being funded.

November 2020 regarding Referendum to join the CVRD

Dec. 30, 2016

Notice the claim about seeing copies and how KIP would be prepared to show them to any landowner. Well that was more super bullshit because I did just that and KIP couldn’t/wouldn’t produce them.

You will note above that Godfrey asks is it even legal for the community to present the petition to the board. Well, that’s funny because his petition demanding UBID give KIP an extension to the expired agreement was not legally possible. No one bothered to find out before once again spreading bullshit and dividing the community.

...first and foremost seeking out and employing the services of local town folk to do the work that he himself and his legal counsel should be doing themselves.

Remember when we were told Godfrey had negotiated a $1.7 Million Dollar gift?

Then changed his mind 5 years later and fessed up that it wasn’t a gift, but an interest free loan?

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