Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates still Screwing Union Bay

Previous posts regarding the sand gravel pit application that KIP only applied for after getting caught removing tonnes of soil by an inspector.

Thanks to the landowner who forwarded me the pdf.

Ole slick got the gravel pit approved. What else does ole slick have planned to continue screwing Union Bay? The day this developer showed up and spewed bullshit about the benefits to be provided to Union Bay was the start of the destruction of Union Bay. Exactly what has been provided of the initial $17 Million promised for water treatment? Fuck all – that’s what. 4 acres at the same elevation as the old water works and reneged on the promise of 4 acres for the firehall with the gong show trustees negotiating DOWN to 2 hectares.

After promising to build a sewage system Royston and Union Bay could hook up to (at the landowner’s expense), the developer turned around and made application to dump treated sewage in to Hart Creek, mere months after signing the revised MDA in Dec. 8, 2017. KIP showed up in 1996 and has worked since that time to suck in landowners and really ramped it up in 2005 and 2006 with all the empty promises.

KIP recruited the gullible who formed the Union Bay Resident’s Association and became the mouthpiece for KIP. Susan Hargreaves, Edda Grant and Ruth McVeigh ran it, not allowing any questions regarding KIP, and kicking those out who dared to challenge them. The same association which had the VP of KIP as a member decided behind closed doors that Langley Lake would be the water source, again just months after the public hearing in Mar. 2006 that Langley Lake was not even on the table as a water source for KIP. CAO Bob Long of the CVRD at the time made the statement over both evenings of the hearings.

Union Bay Residents Association from one of my old blogs.

Here’s the original email sent to UBRA members, which we were members until I started asking questions. BTW everyone can credit Susan Hargreaves with me becoming vocal when she kicked me out of UBRA. Here are all the people who were aware that a non elected group of landowners decided they would choose the water source for the development. As far as I know, I’m the only one to question them and they did not like it.

This is a slimy sleazy developer, in my opinion. JFC what’s it going to take for people to wake up and realize we are being screwed over and over?

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