NOTE: the image above is a screenshot from Who’s Getting Sued July 11, 2022.

Page 3 of the Response to Civil Claim

Page 9 of the Response to Civil Claim.

This is DWR property on the west side of the Island Hwy. Notice the ‘Private Property’ ‘No Entry’ ‘Security Cameras Present’. If I trespassed on DWR property, they should be able to provide proof such as video or pictures of me trespassing. They can’t because none exists. It’s more BS. I never trespassed on their property.

This is my car parked on the side of the road June 22, 2022 – not on DWR property. I turned around on the road – never entered Deep Water Property beyond that sign and gate.

This is Deep Water Recovery on the East side of the old Island Hwy. Have never set foot on DWR property.