Deep Water Recovery – So Disrespectful to KFN

Look at this excerpt from the excellent in depth article in The Tyee by Michelle Gamage This shows the disrespect Jurisich has for KFN. Disgusting.

In April 2020, when the province notified Deep Water it would need to consult with the K’ómoks First Nation, whose traditional territory includes the area of Union Bay, the nation said its representatives weren’t able to meet in person due to COVID-19 concerns and that it was focusing on emergency operations at that time, according to FOI’d documents.

Later, when the nation requested a Zoom meeting with several ministries so the regulators could assure the nation “there will be absolutely no impacts to KFN’s aquaculture facility,” Jurisich reprimanded the province and called the request an “abuse of privilege” because his business has “nothing to do with a traditional way of living.”

Jurisich made this admission from the same article that ship breaking was always the plan:

But, as Deep Water and Union Bay Industries director Mark Jurisich told The Tyee in an interview in February, the plan was always to do ship breaking.

Here’s a machine digging in what Jurisich calls the “sealed asphalt surface”.

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