Decibel Levels and Telling Tall Tales

Ever wonder how loud it is for people working with blow torches? Would it be wise to have hearing protectors on and do you think with that noise level someone could be distracted by something that is 64 dB more than 50 meters away? Me thinks someone is telling whoppers.

What’s the story going to be come Examinations for Discovery?

Each time a sound’s decibel level increases by 10, its intensity multiplies by 10. However, the decibel scale is logarithmic, not linear. Therefore, a 10 dB sound is 10 times more intense than a 0 dB sound, a 20 dB sound is 100 times more intense, and a 30 dB sound is 1,000 times more intense.

How loud is a blow torch? about as loud as a two stroke chain saw about 30 feet away, or about the same as a loud toilet flush 3 feet away. Dry plasma cutting is going to range from around 90 to over 120 dB, which is well above the threshold that will cause hearing damage.

Hmmm. This one doesn’t go below 85 dB.

This one states 90 dB for welding.

Overexposure to Welding Fumes and Gases

Welding fumes are a mixture of gases and vapors that are emitted from the welding torch. Some of the gases in the fume mixture are hazardous to your health, while others are irritants.

Intense welding fumes can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat. Also, it leads to headaches. When welding fumes are confined to the work area, they pose no danger. But when breathed in, they can irritate the respiratory system. Inhaling welding fumes for a while can cause permanent lung damage.

The severity of welding fume exposure varies from person to person. Some people develop symptoms immediately. Others don’t become ill until the fumes are absorbed into their bloodstream.

Excessive Noise

Most welding procedures are done in loud, noisy shops. The higher the decibels, the more uncomfortable you’ll be when welding. Overexposure to noise can lead to loss of hearing.

The typical working noise level for welding is 90 decibels s regulated by OSHA. It’s equivalent to standing 10 feet away from a jet engine. Also, loud noise increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease and can cause high blood pressure.

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  1. If they are complaining about the drone noise that is bull. The mini 2 is quiet. It sounds like bees at 50 feet. You can’t hear it in most situations at 100 feet. Maybe they have their hearing aids turned up too loud.


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