Update on Deep Water Recovery Lawsuit – PPPA Notice of Application Filed Aug. 17, 2022

Photo credit to Terrance Robert Martin Ruttan of Deep Water Recovery for the above image and I hope Terrance Robert Martin Ruttan doesn’t mind that I took the liberty of straightening the horizon – yikes, that ship is really tilting, isn’t it? Great shot – I could never have hoped to have a close up like that with the drone. Thanks Terrance Robert Martin Ruttan. 🙂

Why hasn’t Jurisich provided a sworn affidavit? See this on page 4: “Notably, Mr. Jurisich, who is a party and central to the PPPA Application, has not provided an affidavit.”

NOTE: this on page 6, #10: “Despite being a party to these proceedings and the operations manager and director of DWR, Mr. Jurisich has not provided an affidavit for the PPPA Application. There is a significant amount of compelling evidence, including video evidence, that Mr. Jurisich stole Ms. Reynolds’ drone, went to her house in the middle of the night with another unknown man, blocked in her vehicle, followed her home and beset her home, and has dangerously tailgated and spit at persons who he knows are in opposition to DWR’s shipbreaking.”

Also, page 6, #11: “Mr. Jurisich’s evidence is clearly of central importance to the PPPA Application. The Court should order his attendance to answer questions under oath related to the PPPA Application.”

Link to video evidence: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ufZDlrpOV-f6VOkXdENLJGDT1VUU92K1?usp=sharing

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