Kensington Island Properties aka Union Bay Estates Proposed Location for Sewage Treatment

This is from the MOE – 2020-00764 FOI request.

Sewage system will be beside firehall and see all those proposed storage basins, what do you think will be stored in there? Because in KIP’s proposed sewage dumping application, they can’t dump sewage in there year round because the creek pretty well dries up, so they have to use “storage basins” for the remainder of the year.

Well that will be great! We already have 2 “storage basins” of stagnant water from KIP – must be a great breeding ground for mosquitoes – build at least 3 more, add 4 months of sewage and YUM!

Why does the sketch have the seasonal discharge location at the trestle (where pipe is monitoring flow) when KIP claims the location is the mouth of Hart Creek?

In the realtor’s glossy pamphlet there is this mention regarding sewage but failed to provide the location and the “storage basins”.

The orange colouring was added by me. Looks like 5 “storage basins” right next to “Future School Site” on West side of tracks with another “storage basin” just East of the tracks. Another one is planned for behind Tappin St., where the gravel pit is now.

I keep asking this question of the CVRD and have yet to get a straight answer. Is the CVRD comfortable owning a sewage system that dumps treated sewage into Hart Creek – because that’s what’s in the MDA. The sewage system KIP installs (ha ha – too funny) will become the property of the CVRD after 2 years of it operating.

The MDA stipulates the developer is to build a sewage system that is expandable allowing Union Bay and Royston landowners to hook up at the landowners cost to add on to that system. The developer obviously had no intention of abiding by the terms of the MDA which he signed a revised version Dec. 2017, (with no changes regarding sewage) because within 2 months had submitted an application to dump sewage into Hart Creek. How can anyone trust this developer?

Some more from the MOE.

Although the claim is this is for Phase 1, if a regional system isn’t in place, they plan on applying for more discharge to Hart Creek. Read about the “storage basins” below. Proposed release location is the mouth of Hart Creek. Why is the Trent river being used as a comparison? Isn’t there a problem due to Cumberland’s sewage?

Always with the claims of being just a great, environmentally conscientious, community minded generous Saviour of Union Bay who has followed through on all the promises. And now this…

Kensington is enthusiastically committed to implementing a ‘purple pipe’ non-potable …

OOOHHH enthusiastically – gosh, golly, I’m sold.


What a joke – ship breaking much?

Let’s see what Union Bay has gotten since 2006:

  • paid the difference in the cost ($90,000?) of the building to (accommodate a second DAF when required) house the DAF plant Union Bay landowners are paying for $3.5 million.
  • reneged on the promise of 4 acres for the firehall and the Jacques board negotiated down to 2 hectares.
  • gave 4 acres of land for the water treatment plant at the same elevation as the original water works (although originally there was a promise of $17.4 million for water related alone). The previous board had purchased the 20 acres identified by KIP’s own consultants as the ideal spot for the water treatment. KIP’s flunkies sold that 20 acres and have screwed Union Bay because the flunkies were so proud of themselves getting 4 acres for free that they acted without any thought to future development years from now.
  • remediation work on the creek years ago, and contributed to fixing the breakwater.

Did I miss anything David?

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