If you want to hear from those wanting your vote on Oct. 15, 2022 for Area A Director, plan on attending to get the answers you need before casting your ballot. Hopefully, all three candidates will show up. Being Union Bay, you never know. Remember the pro KIP candidates attempt to shut down the all candidates meeting in Oct. 2016, because they were too gutless to answer questions and be recorded. If you can’t face and answer questions from those you claim to want to represent, stay home and quite politics now!

Daniel and I have had our differences because I felt KIP was sucking Daniel in when he was first elected – no doubt Daniel has seen the developer for what he is 4 years later.

I had the opportunity to speak with Gordon Kennedy and he has some good ideas and appears to be a very nice guy.

The only exposure to Tamara Meggitt is from her facebook page where she blames the CVRD on bloody KIP being held up. Hello – no one has held up this developer! Me thinks someone doesn’t know the history of ole slick and his big EMPTY PROMISES!

Should be an interesting meeting and be recorded so those unable to attend can view what these candidates promise to deliver if elected.


Daniel Arbour is running for Comox Valley Regional District Area A director

Daniel Arbour is running for Comox Valley Regional District Area A director

Daniel Arbour plans to bring energy and fresh eyes to Area A/CVRD

I am thrilled to run for Area A director: Baynes Sound, Denman/Hornby Islands. It is a privilege to live in the Comox Valley, and I believe the Comox Valley Regional District (CVRD) can play a leadership role to ensure excellent public services, green infrastructure, and smart regional planning.

As Area A director, I will be a champion for small businesses and families that call the area around Royston, Baynes Sound and the islands home. I am someone who supports green initiatives whenever feasible. I am an optimist, but rarely naive. My main skillset, according to colleagues and employers, is to bring people together around common goals, chart a course, and work towards good outcomes. As the economic development administrator on Hornby Island, I am used to co-ordinating with many people, stakeholders, and businesses (300 small businesses currently participate in our programs). I thrive on identifying common priorities, building consensus, and learning from other viewpoints.

Career-wise, I have regional, national, and international experience. I have been chair of a national sustainable forestry association and reported as general manager to a board of five First Nations in Clayoquot Sound. I am used to complex and multi-faceted files, and have learnt the importance of good governance, clear communication, and team leadership.

I have huge respect for people who live in rural areas, particularly trades people and natural resources workers. In Area A, many households derive their livelihoods from construction, aquaculture, forestry, farming, and fishing. I will be a champion for these sectors, particularly as they work to showcase sustainable practices. I also recognize that rural life is changing. Increasingly we have young professionals, retirees, and commuters who enjoy a quiet life, and we need to be attentive to their needs. I envision our future as “connected rural.” By this I mean we must provide excellent connectivity, whether it be fast internet, convenient transportation (bus/ferries), great public spaces, and green infrastructure. I will be a champion of the Comox Valley Sustainability Strategy. Our rural and urban areas are interdependent on each other, and I believe the CVRD can help bridge the two successfully.

I feel ready and would be honoured to work on behalf of Area A residents and the Comox Valley. To learn more, visit www.danielarbour.ca or follow my Facebook page.


Gordon Kennedy is running for the Comox Valley Regional District Area A director's seat in the upcoming civic election.

Gordon Kennedy is running for the Comox Valley Regional District Area A director seat

Gordon Kennedy is seeking election in Area A of the Comox Valley Regional District. Here is his platform.

• Communication: Once a month a meeting should be set aside for citizens to come in and have five minutes to address council. There is a lack of communication here in the district.

• Conduct: Municipal employees must follow the law. Any employee knowingly disregarding the law will be terminated.

• Fairness: All contracts given out by the CVRD should be done based on all resident professionals in the district (for example an alphabetic list of lawyers and the district goes through the list in order when issuing contracts. Secondly, all permits and licences issued by the municipality should be listed and accessible on the CVRD website.

• Transparency: Each time a municipal enforcement officer does an official inspection a receipt showing what was done and the result must be issued on site.

• Equal access: Alternatives to BC Ferries need to be looked at to improve access for Island residents.

• Taxation: No resident shall be forced to pay into and join the new sewage line that should be paid for by the developer in Union Bay.

• Environment: All areas should either get yard waste pick-up or there should be a drop-off area in the recycling dumping location. Secondly, water is always an issue and we need to know if any water is used in a wasteful manner. Also watersheds, we have polluted enough of our water so they must be protected.

• Avoidance: Any person destroying a building to avoid tax shall be taxed as if the building is still in place.

• Efficiency: Minimize the building inspection department (save money and minimize liability) by making developers use professionals on their projects. Building codes were brought into effect in the early 1900s to protect the insurance industry. Why are we paying to protect that industry when it can be done by engineers and architects?

• Timeliness: Service standards to be introduced in the CVRD. Published timeframes as to when the public can receive service. For example, a building development permit for a single-family house will be completed and issued or rejected within two months.

Make sure you vote on Oct. 15

Gordon Kennedy can be reached at comoxdista@gmail.com


Tamara Meggitt, one of the organizers behind Loonies for Loggers in 2019, is running for director in Area A in the upcoming municipal election. Photo by Erin Haluschak

Tamara Meggitt, one of the organizers behind Loonies for Loggers in 2019, is running for director in Area A in the upcoming municipal election. Photo by Erin Haluschak

Tamara Meggitt to run for Area A director

‘It is time we put focus back into communities’

I intend to run for Area A director Royston, Baynes Sound, Denman and Hornby Island in the Oct. 15 municipal election.

Over the past few years our communities have had no shortage of challenges. As a resident of Royston, I have heard from a number of people who have expressed concern that their voices are not represented at the regional district table. They have shared concerns they feel haven’t been handled in ways that best represent most residents.

I believe if you want to see change you need to step up and do something about it. That is why I have decided to put my name forth. It’s time we put focus back into communities, and move forward with goals that are realistic and achievable for all.


I will advocate to the province for policies, projects and programs to advance efforts to create more subsidized housing. Royston area alone has seen a 9.9 per cent increase in population between 2016-2021. I will advocate for changes to streamline the process and shorten the timeframe in which building permits and approvals are completed. We are in a housing crisis and part of addressing that is getting supply brought on line as quickly as possible.

Transportation, Denman Island ferry

We need to continue to pressure BC Ferries until solutions are found. Residents are unable to have confidence in their ability to travel on and off the islands for medical appointments, shopping, etc. Delivery of goods and services are affected. Some residents have had to leave employment due to long commutes. The ability to travel on and off the island with certainty is a must.

Public transportation:

Transportation in a rural area, without access to a vehicle, is difficult at best without alternative transportation options. Increasing public transportation helps lessen the number of vehicles on the road, and helps with employee shortages as it opens options for rural residents. It also has potential to help with vehicle overloads on Denman Island ferries.

Fiscal responsibility

Property owners saw an increase of 3.87 per cent in 2022 property taxes, but feel they’ve had a decrease in services and quality of services provided. I will work towards ensuring tax dollars are spent effectively and efficiently. Other concerns are protecting shellfish, parks and green spaces, and recycling and garbage services. I will advocate for solutions to assist with doctor and nurse shortages, and homelessness, and find ways to better support farmers and the 17th Street bridge.

It’s time to put communities first.