Surprise! Who do you think will pay for the second DAF plant? The KIP flunkies on the board that negotiated the 2017 WIA with KIP really did a great job – right? When the requirement exceeds the capacity of the first DAF plant, whoever needs that water pays for the second plant. We are going to get screwed on this too along with the sewage. The infrastructure replacement on top – screwed over and over.

Here’s a post about WIA UBID negotiated with Kip Oct. 12, 2017.

Here’s the UBID meeting where they all take bows and congratulate each other and tell the landowners how great it’s going to be.

NOTE: The pdf in the link is 125 pages. I only posted the overview by Russell Dyson.

“The new Union Bay water treatment plant is very close to it’s capacity based on the max day demand experienced during the summer of 2021.”

“Expansion of the water treatment plant and the McKay Rd reservoir.”

“A recent max day demand of 1320 cubic meters/day occurred on July 20, 2020, which exceeded the water treatment plant capacity of 1,200 cubic meters/day.”

“Given the length of time required to build the second phase of treatment, it is recommended to initiate planning for the phase 2 expansion of the water treatment plant.”