UPDATE: Oct. 1, @6:38 pm. Received this in my comments from Gordon Kennedy confirming he will be attending the All Candidates Meeting Oct. 4 @ 7 pm.

Also saw on the UBBB Daniel Arbour confirmed he will be attending.

Noticed this post on the Union Bay Bulletin Board. Anyone confirm this is the situation?

Is Tamara Meggitt actually claiming she won’t attend because she believes community members have an axe to grind. Gee, if there are problems and axes to grind, isn’t that the time to state how you will improve constituents lives?

IF this is true, she’s been studying the antics of the pro kip candidates from Oct. 2016, who were too gutless to attend the all candidates meeting and instead decided to make an announcement about how terrible the people were who where running against them and that the meeting was going to be an ambush. JFC I have never met so many paranoid people in my life.