Yesterday was a court day to complete the hearing on DWR lawyers application to dismiss our application under the Protection of Public Participation Act. Won’t know the outcome until the judge decides – but am confident their application will be dismissed. DWR lawyers don’t want cross examination of witnesses affidavit. See PPP Act

So DWR lawyers have a bit more time in their effort to stall, delay, etc., but we are relentless – Jurisich is toast! Still hasn’t supplied an affidavit claiming he didn’t steal the drone – only the lawyers have denied it. The DWR lawyers have a client who is lying to them – the video evidence alone proves it. Speaking of lying – Jurisich claimed the ship breaking was conducted on a sealed asphalt surface – again the video proves the lie.

I can hardly wait for examinations for discovery – watching Jurisich squirm when confronted with his lies. The lawsuit still proceeds no matter the outcome of the hearing yesterday.

Jurisich really screwed up robbing me of my drone. I doubt he ever expected a lawsuit by a lawyer of Jason Gratl’s calibre. Jurisich also screwed up thinking those he bullied prior to me would be cowed into silence permanently. Seems like everyone is talking about DWR and not in a positive way, Union Bay landowners, the Ministry of Environment, Area A Director Daniel Arbour, and media outlets.

Jurisich came to our country and proceeded to ignore rules and regulations and when people spoke up, thug Jurisich chased them, banged on their windows and doors and then spat at them.

Not much activity at DWR the last few days although they are still readying the Miller Freeman – now has 9 inflatables under it but hasn’t moved much.