Cast your ballot for Area A Director Oct. 15, 2022 Union Bay Community Hall – 5401 Island Highway South, Union Bay 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

I attended the All Candidates Meeting and left fairly content with the answers provided. A couple of things I wanted to clarify. Area A Director Arbour stated the Parks and Trails had been turned over to the CVRD and that Kensington Island Properties were providing $1 million towards affordable housing. Arbour also posted on the Union Bay Bulletin Board about the $1 million saying he would fight to keep most of those funds in Union Bay.

Those statements were in fact not accurate. I have been asking since Dec. 16, 2017, if the Parks and Trails have been turned over to the CVRD according to the Master Development Agreement with Kensington Island Properties. The answer has been consistent – “not yet” so I was surprised to hear Arbour state they had been. When questioned further if that meant the MDA had been triggered, the response was that the MDA was in stages.

The reason I asked about the $1 million is because in the first phase of the development the developer is required to turn over 6 lots for affordable housing, but can instead provide money in the amount of the lots (I guess they don’t want the unwashed living near the rich folk). I asked if the money was in addition or the payment in lieu of the lots. So where did Arbour get the $1 million figure from? He’s the one who made the statement. It better be a hell of a lot more than $1 million for those 6 lots since that would mean each lot would be $166,666.66 – pretty cheap!

Below is the exchange which clearly shows KIP hasn’t turned over the Parks and Trails and the $1 million was… what…