This one from Dec. 4 2016 – this was the Gong Show Period when we had Peter Jacques, Glenn Loxam, Rick Bitten, Jim Elliott and Susanna Kaljur as Trustees of UBID – 3 kip flunkies and 2 intelligent. The previous month the 3 kip flunkies believed the expired 2011 WIA was still valid and approved an extension at their very first board meeting even thought KIP never provided any concrete plans to UBID.


The following outlines steps taken by the previous board .  The majority of existing trustees have criticized the previous board, so all the funds spent to date on studies, reports, etc. have been spent for nothing.  These three pro KIP trustees have basically wiped out any progress made since we turfed out the ones that just about bankrupted the community in April 2011 after they negotiated the “gift”  “loan”.  Trustee Loxam talks about speaking to the individuals who negotiated the 2011 Expired/Resurrected Water Infrastructure Agreement.  That’s quite the luxury as I doubt I would have the same access.  Perhaps someone could ask why the community was told it would be 100 hookups and yet 500 granted violating our water license?  I was always under the impression David Godfrey and Denis Royer negotiated the agreement.  David Godfrey told me in an upset manner he didn’t negotiate it – wasn’t him – said it was Denis Royer.

Let’s not forget why the previous board purchased the property close to Langley Lake – KIP’s interference putting the financial burden on the landowners because of the opposition by KFN – page 4.

So what have these brainiacs planned?  Another landowner mentioned to me that there is nothing in the financial budget indicating any development.


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