Reposting some of the promises that turned out to be 100% bullshit – thanks to elected officials who have been led around by the nose by KIP – this one from April 14, 2013.  Wake up folks!

Brian McMahon, Vice President, Kensington Island Properties, Union Bay.

Significant works and investment would be required to improve capacity and treatment processes at Langley Lake, which his consultants estimated would cost $17.4 million. “and we have agreed to pay 100% of that.”

Some people, he said, had put about a story during the campaign that Kensington would offer $4 million towards the upgrading costs. That was simply not true: they would pay the full cost.

aug 30 05 rd staff report  Page 22 Kensington Application Proposal

Provide a site for a new Union Bay Improvement District office and Union Bay Volunteer Fire Department building and assist in its construction