Feb. 28, 2023 Comment in the header is from Union Bay Bulletin Board in response to Area A Director Arbour’s post.

Comment left by former Chair Ian Munro in response to Arbour’s post on FB.

This doesn’t even include the biggies that are down the road (crumbling infrastructure presently being fixed when leaks occur) as the entire piping system needs replacing and the other huge cost will be sewer. The situation rests at the feet of the majority of those who held positions of Trustee on the Union Bay Improvement District Board since I’ve lived in Union Bay.

There are exceptions such as the Molstad board who I believe worked in the best interests of the landowners. I had lots of criticism for that board at the time wanting the trustees to distance themselves from TAG. I’ve made it clear in this blog who the morons were and documented by video/audio or documents as proof of their actions.

Area A Director Daniel Arbour posted information regarding future costs. PDF here: http://agendaminutes.comoxvalleyrd.ca/Agenda_minutes/CVRDCommittees/CVRC/02-Mar-23/Recreation%20Commission%20Capital%20Workshop%20Agenda_Combined.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2DM0UOm5J6lyawJzH_QuyvsogOZWwOJ2QWmjtqEc3X3G_WU9il3Hm2YZ8

This is just the beginning. The only board who planned for the future and set our finances back on track was the Molstad board. KIP got his flunkies who were incompetent and failed to plan for anything beyond the water treatment plant. Couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. The board prior to the Molstad board led everyone to believe KIP would be paying for just about everything and they never planned for the future other than kissing KIP’s fat ass.

It’s going to cost a lot of money to live in Union Bay and those who screwed around are nowhere to be found now – almost all of them are gone now leaving the financial mess we are in. Even KIP spokesperson Godfrey has sold up and is moving out before the money axe drops.

This is what happens when you vote for people only because they are your friends or relatives (who are unqualified) and you are an ignorant asshole and believe the bullshit without question.

How bad is it when the costs increased this much since Mar. 2022 when the increases projected a 13% increase in user rates and further two percent each remaining forecast year.