Watching an environmental disaster up close thanks to Deep Water Recovery Ship Breaking

Photo credit to Terrance “Bear” Ruttan of DWR providing info on the progress of bringing the Miller Freeman on shore from Aug. 2022.

Is there anyone that can defend how Deep Water Recovery is attempting to bring the asbestos laden Miller Freeman onto land? This is ridiculous, they don’t have the proper equipment to bring anything other than flat bottomed barges on to land for breaking.

They have been working on this since Aug. 2022, and have punched so many holes in it and now are stuck with it on the beach. The next thing is that there will be no way to remove it and DWR will again get away with breaking bylaws everyone else is obligated to follow and it will be dismantled – ASBESTOS – and all.

Plan on attending the flotilla to make your voices heard on this environmental disaster waiting to happen.

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