Pacific Wild on the rally to protect Baynes Sound

A Huge Thank You to Pacific Wild! I am extremely grateful to the organizations that are stepping up trying to protect sensitive ecosystems and fisheries of this area. Listen to Pacific Wild’s marine scientist who spoke on the situation.

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Rallying for Environmental Protection in Baynes Sound

Baynes Sound is internationally recognized as an ecologically and biologically significant area (ESBA). The Sound is a critical spawning ground for Pacific herring, a sanctuary for whales, and an essential feeding ground for migratory birds.  Controversial ship-breaking (the process of scrapping end-of-life vessels by dismantling and disposing or recycling of all its component parts and hazardous materials) underway in Union Bay has the potential to threaten the sensitive ecosystems and fisheries of the area.

The past weekend an open house and rally organized by the Concerned Citizens of Baynes Sound (CCOBS) was held at the Union Bay Community Hall. The rally featured speakers including MP Gord Johns, Regional Director Daniel Arbour,  Ray Rewcastle and Marilynne Manning from the CCOBS and Pacific Wild’s very own marine scientist who spoke on toxicology and the dangers of heavy metals.

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