Six years ago landowners were denied the right to information about governance. We’re paying for delay thanks to the Gong Show Board

UPDATE: So his complaint now is the increase in pay his friends/past UBID employees received when they accepted the offer to join the Regional District when UBID was dissolved. Before it was his concern about what would happen to the employees if we became a service area. Sure changed his tune. How do those folks feel about his sour grapes due to their increased income? Wasn’t he your champion? With the huge costs we are going to be facing due to lack of planning on the part of UBID – the 4 or 5 employees wages are going to be a drop in the bucket compared to infrastructure costs. That’s his main complaint regarding the increases we are facing – nice effort at deflection. The gong show board screwed the future of Union Bay because they were led around by the nose by Kensington Island Properties – useful idiots. They negotiated down ffs in the 2017 Water Agreement! Who negotiates down and then struts around proclaiming a great deal? And, they built the bloody water treatment plant without an office or washroom. Landowners were stuck with that additional cost due to incompetence of the gong show board and the unqualified admin that oversaw the project. Own it!

Some more Snip: You might want to read the report by the consultant the current board hired to find out why the Water Treatment Plant cost us $5.3 Million instead of $4.2 like we were told. Simple answer: they didn’t have a f*cking clue what they were doing.

Look at the actions of these people – who were they looking out for? Not the landowners. KIP wanted to keep UBID going so he could manipulate the decisions. These 3 met behind the landowners backs and cooked up a way to kill Kaljur’s motion out of the sight of the public and put forth a completely different motion.

This gong show board were presented with a petition in with over 400 landowner signatures wanting a change in Nov. 2016, how we were governed. Geezuz, Jacques said to Kaljur “…even if you second it doesn’t necessarily mean you agree with it.” They agree to discuss the petition at the next meeting.

Guess what? They had discussions at an In Camera meeting, even though it was not an In Camera subject, and don’t want to discuss in front of the public – wants it to remain In Camera. Listen to the last couple of minutes when Bitten thinks it’s a conflict of interest for a trustee to run for the UBID board and then put forth a motion to “..give the board away to the Regional District.” Trustee Elliott points out that Bitten doesn’t seem to understand the motion. Motion defeated and Bitten says “What a waste of time”.

Audio only of Jan. 18, 2018 meeting that the Admin failed to video or audio record. Used my audio to compose their minutes. So, behind the landowners backs Bitten, Loxam, Jacques and the Admin got together and completely ignored the motion from the Nov. 2017 meeting, and brought fortBitten claims the admin is working 50 hour weeks and who would want him to be taken away from his work for a study the landowners requested. Bitten omits they allowed the unqualified admin to bumble through and all those hours banked were used up on his moonlighting job. Listen to the high praise for the work done by the Admin who suddenly was “retired” one day. Bitten wants to let the Admin decide when the time is right for the landowners to be allowed a say in how they were governed.

Listen to the Chair spew bullshit about the CVRD not wanting anything to do with Union Bay on Feb. 16, 2017.

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