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You Get The Government You Deserve

Does it make sense to elect individuals to manage/operate/oversee our Improvement District without ensuring they understand what is expected of them?

Are we all on the same page regarding the structure of our government and the powers and limitations of those we elect and employ?

Is the community confident the measures in place will prevent any further monies being spent without the authority or knowledge of all five Board Trustees?

Everyone must be aware of the rules governing our elected officials and ensure those rules are being followed consistently.  Is the present Board abiding by the Improvement District Manual, particularly the roles of Chair and Trustee?  Past Boards completely ignored this section and imposed their ‘personal version’ of “Chair” and interpreted it as ‘Dictator’.    This is why your government locked you out. 

Democracy or Dictatorship (masquerading as democracy)?

What do you want?  If you don’t tell them, they do whatever they want.

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