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More Concerns With Water Infrastructure Agreement

Not only was this agreement reached under questionable circumstances which would seem to justify it being thrown out and a proper negotiation brokered by  competent individual/s with experience.

Word has it that the draft the Board voted on and was sent to the Regional District came back with changes not approved by our Board.  The clause of 5 years has been changed to one which deals with our reservoir being on KIP lands.  KIP could advise us to remove everything from the property with very little notice.

Are we going to stand by and allow this Water Infrastructure Agreement to proceed unchallenged when it is so obvious it was mishandled and our elected officials were not acting as a Board?

I am not opposed to development.  Everything changes.  Nothing stays the same.  Changes are good when it is for the benefit of all.  Gradual steady growth and change ensuring we are not destroying what can never be recovered.

2 thoughts on “More Concerns With Water Infrastructure Agreement

  1. I am talking about the agreement not the water licence.

    I thought the same as you regarding the DCC. My understanding is KIP is putting in the infrastructure for the development so KIP wouldn't be paying the $8100. per lot.

    What concerns me is that I've heard the $8100. others with land in Union Bay that haven't built yet will be dinged the $8100. and the money goes to KIP. Someone please tell me I'm wrong on this one.


  2. If you are talking about the agreement between KIP and UBID to build and finance and ultimately for UBID to operate the water treatment plant I would comment that it is not cost free to UBID in that KIP can offset future DCCs costs (currently $8100 per lot) against whatever the costs KIP incurs to build the water treatment plant.

    If you are talking about the proposed transfer of the UBID water licence to the CVRD that is another subject with equally objectional but different issues


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