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Message To The Departing Administrator

Would it be possible, before your departure, to have an answer to my correspondence sent August of 2011 asking why I was refused a water connection Oct. 19, 2010?

I understand you were unaware of the refusal to provide service until I advised you in April 2012.  I provided you with all correspondence regarding the problem and feel I have been very patient since this is approaching the 2 year anniversary.

While you’re at it, could you explain why I received a notice of disconnection in Feb. 2011 due to the non payment of my estranged husband’s bill?  The reason I’m asking is I couldn’t help noticing at the June 2012 UBID meeting, disconnection notices must be approved by the Board.  

This policy was not followed and I would like to have an explanation.  (Thank you for this information as I was unaware until I attended the June meeting).

Thought I would try this approach since nothing else seems to provide results.

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