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The Friendly Port?

I don’t think so.

Remembering statements by locals complaining Union Bay is not known as the friendly port anymore because of all the division in the community.

Like everything else in Union Bay, the friendly port is just more ‘pretend’ and selective memory by those who assume the roles of Leaders.

I read about Union Bay and was so impressed by the history and people.   After living here with these people, I can state Union Bay is a snake pit.  Nothing is out in the open and honesty is something only a small percentage appreciate.

You won’t find the dirt written anywhere because the truth is unpleasant and is not to be referred to.  You would be hard pressed to find an accurate history.  The odd character might be added giving the impression everyone was accepted.

The incest, adultery, prostitution, theft – a real snake pit.  Then and now.  Elected official getting the shit kicked out of them at least twice for sleeping with another’s spouse.  Hillbilly ethics, hiring relatives, friends.

A volunteer fire department whose members believe they are professionals because they now have uniforms.  A volunteer fire department telling the residents they’re lucky to have them.  Residents afraid to criticize the volunteer fire department in case they won’t show up if there is a fire.

A Board who promised to fix the problems with the volunteer fire department and nothing has changed.  The Board is afraid of the volunteer fire department.  The Board is aware the volunteer fire men don’t like the fire chief and don’t want to take any action, so they have tried to get landowners to complain about the fire chief.  Someone said the fire chief was rude to them.

A number of residents held positions on the Board and their expertise and experience allowed them to make decisions regarding what was in the best interest of the community.  Those decisions have brought us to this point and financial stability.

A residents’ association which turned out to be a mouthpiece for Kensington Island Properties and a private club where no questions were allowed.  Watchdog group TAG  morphed into a political party whose members interfered in negotiations casting doubt on their own TAG Trustees.  Political party TAG holds caucus meetings where they plan and carry out deceiving the community regarding a financial matter.  TAG announces victory in Feb. 2012, at TAG meeting.  TAG Trustees emphasize all the good they have accomplished.  One is so proud of what they have done for the community and compares it to the pride they have of raising their wonderful children.

Long time resident, Bob Leary, puts his name forth as a candidate for a by election believing he has the freedom to do so.  Not so fast.  TAG didn’t want anyone to run but Alan Webb.  What did they do?  The trustee with all the pride plus another TAG member went right to Bob Leary.  For some reason Bob withdrew.  What is an elected Trustee doing fucking around discouraging people from running?  TAG tried (on video) to avoid my questions regarding Bob Leary.  UBID Chair could only respond “So, what’s wrong with that”?  when I confronted the Chair with proof of the interference.

The truth will only come out in Union Bay if you have evidence and there is no where for them to run.  It’s just the way things are done here – that’s all.

It used to piss me off when I’d hear the lies and bullshit until it finally sank in – this is how these people live.  There is no consistency, honesty or accountability.  So now, I just have to laugh at them.  It’s hilarious to see these people walking around pretending no one knows what a piece of shit they are.  No one would ever believe what goes on in this place.  You have to live it to believe it.

There is so much more to be told as the covering up of past indiscretions continues.  I’m not changing, so get used to my questions as I’ve become accustomed to your lies.  Let the Comedy Games begin!  Till death do us part – who will go first?

I will continue to bring you the comedy here in Union Bay.  Concerns Over Ownership


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