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How Can We Obtain The Government We Deserve?

Same old answer:  Money


With the beginning of another year mere days away, I was wondering how I could get the information/answers I want regarding the very secretive TAG group and the TAG Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees.  Since I’m no longer a landowner, they’re feeling pretty secure about not being faced with my questions.

It’s time to make some changes.  I’m willing to pay $100. to a fellow resident who is also a landowner for each of my questions they put to the individual Trustees.  The answers will be a “YES” or “NO”.   So $100. cash to the questioner when all five Trustees have responded.  An independent third party can hold the cash.  I will have more questions, probably no more than five at this time.  So Five Hundred bucks is up for grabs.    One person five questions or, five people one question each.  Keep it – donate it to the fire department – donate it to TAG – I don’t care.  What I care about is the same as always.

The questions will be regarding the Union Bay Improvement District and TAG.  Don’t worry, they know the questions are mine, they’ll just be ticked that someone would ask.  They’ll know you did it for the money, OR to donate.  Who couldn’t use $500. right after Xmas.

I would like the questions asked at the January meeting of UBID during question period at the end.  As I said the answers will be simple – yes or no.  I already know the answers – I want those who have been elected by assuring openness and accountability to take responsibility for their actions and face the people who trusted them.  Spread the word and hopefully we will have a large turnout.

Will see all you folks who can’t wait to tell everyone how wonderful you are!

As usual, when I attend these meetings I record it for accuracy.

Let’s see now if there will be some new policy to prevent my questions/recording from happening.








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