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2013 The Year of Reckoning

Really surprised I’m alive in 2013.  Never thought I’d see 2000, so this is clearly a year to be viewed differently.

Unlike my fellow residents, I have no desire to live to some ripe old age.  These folks plan on living forever.  They’re planning on retiring in the Senior’s Residence that Kensington Island Properties has stated “they are looking at”.  See, these people think that means KIP is building a Senior’s Residence.   No one will actually ask KIP.

I’m not worried about dying, haven’t been in years.  Have let a lot of ridiculous fears go.   The strength and freedom gained  when you stop worrying about what people “think” about you.   I do not care what people think of me.  I care what I think about me.  That’s why I have an advantage over those trying to discredit what I say.  I’m not afraid of them and can produce proof.  All they can do now is run from me.

Most of the morons swallow any bullshit fed to them because they base their judgement on whether they like someone or not, or if their friends/relatives like someone or not.

I’ve always stated I’m not looking to be friends with anyone.  I don’t like people.  That’s why I’m reminding the Hillbilly folk again.  From 2007 Mail Outs Titled “Fairness In Our Community”, and posted on old blog. Still believe it to be true.

Again, if anyone thinks I’ve got my facts wrong. more at By the way, I’m not auditioning to become a friend etc., so I’m not interested in comments regarding my presentation, style, bluntness, politeness blah blah – get it? This is not personal – it is business – I don’t care if one of your relatives or friends or neighbors is an elected official. They are accountable – like it or not. It doesn’t matter what level of government – they are elected.

Looking ahead, I know what I’m willing to gamble/risk.  Having different values, no pain in the ass mate to answer to, no relatives to apply pressure, free to engage and expose those who have so much more to risk/lose.   These folks plan years ahead.  Me – not more than a month or so.



Union Bay, Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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