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Why Do People Get So Upset?

For anyone in Union Bay who would like to have a chuckle, attending the Union Bay Improvement District Board of Trustees monthly meeting will provide more than a few.

I’m so grateful for the experience gained by having a boss who expected direct honest answers.  He was actually the boss to my supervisor.  If you found a mistake on your file, if you were smart, you immediately brought it to the boss and explained the situation with no bullshit.  He was always extremely fair.  Same thing if he found a mistake on your file – questions asked and answered honestly – no problem.  But, you lie or bullshit to this man and you will be shown what it’s like to have someone rip your story to shreds.  He is an experienced lawyer and military man.  I never had a problem with this man and never really appreciated what he taught me until the last couple of years.  That’s how he lived his life with no bullshit.

You are what you are.  If you lived your life manipulating people or being a fake – it’s impossible for you to change.   Now you are stuck facing those who are catching on to you.

That’s what gives me the advantage over those who have held positions of power and are experienced manipulators.   They would prefer I have a poor memory and be afraid of the truth.   I can’t change who I am.

So why do people get upset when I remind them what they stated or did?  Why do they reply with answers that don’t make sense?

Now they don’t know which Board negotiated the Water Treatment Filtration with Brian McMahon, VP Kensington Island Properties?

Well, let me refresh your memories.  Can anyone identify these individuals?

Union Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the Scene

So, I’m still puzzled over the missing $16 Million dollars that no one will speak to.

This is the answer I received.  Please note:  the chair initially doesn’t recall the negotiations.






4 thoughts on “Why Do People Get So Upset?

  1. I’m puzzled by your “Thank goodness Bruce and Cleve were copied on the draft KIP agreement….” You’re missing the point. Three Board members decided who would negotiate the deal. Two had no idea what was going on until they were given a first draft. The one who negotiated was in no way shape or form capable of the task. Two voted against it – big deal – it’s been accepted as though it had no flaws. Why? Because it would expose what went on during the negotiations. Where a TAG member who had no business decided they should be privy to what the agreement contained. This TAG member should not have run for election as they were compromised. They were caught involved in the negotiations, and then when elected fully accepted the agreement. That’s why they don’t want anyone bringing up the agreement.

    I’m not surprised about your remarks of the Steering Committee. This has been orchestrated by just a couple of people who feel they must control the underlings. TAG is nothing to be proud of – it’s a sham. TAG Trustees doing whatever they wish – these folks don’t follow the rules any better than the previous Boards. Why don’t you and other TAG Steering Committee members publicly resign from TAG stating why? People assume you are still involved – gives them credibility. TAG has never stated the Steering Committee no longer exists or that there has been any changes.

    As for the $17.4 Million – I will attach the letter to the post.

    Gord – I appreciate your concerns for the community and the questions you ask me. I just can’t figure out why you or anyone else won’t ask the very people who know – the TAG Trustees. Friends or not – they must be asked. You will not like the answers. You have a small number of people involved in matters they wish to keep secret. They could come clean now and get it over with or they can dig themselves in deeper by sticking together. I feel sorry for one of them as I think they got sucked in and won’t get it until the shit hits the fan.


  2. The TAG Steering Commitee was anything but a steering group. It was dead long ago and probably will never be revived (I gave up trying to make any sense of the information given and quit going to any meetings). Thank goodness. Bruce and Cleve were copied on the draft KIP agreement but never agreed to it and hence voted against it. It is flawed and needs to be opened up in my opinion (like no cost estimates and
    the ability of KIP to offset costs against future DCCs with no limitation). I just recall a water treatment plant cost estimate was released to the media(by KIP) at $1.7million but it could have been less like $1.4 million. A 2009 egineering study put the cost of a water treatment plant at $800,000. I don’t know where $17 million comes from but it could involve raising the dam by two meters and
    removing peat and upgrading the water infrustructure. Also what are the costs of
    a sewer system? No houses will be sold based on septic systems.



  3. Yes he was. If you listen to the video he states he voted against it. You will also hear from another Trustee that Union Bay didn’t even get $1.4 Million.

    In January 2011 the Board illegally locked out the public from attending meetings from January through April 2011. The motion to lock out the public was made by the Administrator (who did not have the authority to make the motion) and the vote was taken through email. From what I have been told is that one Trustee was negotiating with KIP and two Trustees were unaware of the negotiations until they were presented with the draft. This agreement should have been challenged because it was not negotiated by a competent person on behalf of the community.

    Why wasn’t it challenged when everyone was aware of the way it was ‘negotiated’? KIP offered $17.4 Million dollars – what happened?

    A TAG individual was involved in that agreement that had no business, got caught, and yet the agreement was accepted with no problems despite the fact the community of Union Bay got screwed. In doing so, they have cost the community $16 Million dollars by refusing to do the right thing. That’s why they don’t want the subject brought up. They can’t/won’t admit what has happened.

    People don’t get an automatic pass just because you like them. Why don’t people ask what is going on and demand answers? If you know the agreement is flawed – speak up. No one knows what’s happening with KIP and yet not one person submitted any questions when he finally appeared in Oct.

    You are listed as a member of the Steering Committee of TAG. What is happening with TAG? Who owns it? Who decides what the issues are? How many Steering Committee members are still active? Will you speak up if you learn TAG leaders have deceived their members? No. No one speaks up.

    The only way to find the truth is to ask questions. If you don’t – you really don’t want the truth.

    Go ahead – ask me what you want. I will refresh your memory about the actions of our elected outstanding heroes.

    Look at the actions – not the individual. Are the actions acceptable from an elected official?


  4. Bruce was not a party to the agreement. No reason for him to be shown except he must have agreed to something. Too bad because the Agreement is flawed,-badly The discrepancy in the Water costs goes beyond water treatment, The newspaper quoted $1.7 million for water treatment which was never agreed to anything by UBID- dumb beyond belief that involves inhancements are exremely high costs and involving water as well as sewer costs. Never know?



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