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Three Bullies: Bryan Baker, Alan de Jersey and Kim Jonsson

Who is the ringleader here?

Who else belongs to this cowardly group?  These folks seem to know an awful lot of people.  Wonder how many emails are being deleted?

Mr. de Jersey is no doubt stuck in a tight spot.  How many people has he encouraged to have such hatred towards someone they don’t know?  Will they rally around Mr. de Jersey, Kim Jonsson and Bryan Baker defending their honour, spouting all the good work they do?  Let’s get it all out in the public so people get the whole story from both sides.

creep bryan bakercurling de jersey95946comox09goodwin

For comparison, here’s what Kim Jonsson posted on Alan de Jersey’s Facebook regarding Clifford Olson.

jonsson on clifford olson

This is what Kim Jonsson stated in her email to Alan de Jersey regarding me:

Untitled 5

Is this the normal Alan de Jersey finds acceptable?

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