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Kensington Island Properties Union Bay – Gossip – Dead in the Water?

is-kip-saviour-with-satan.jpgI love the Union Bay Residents’ Association.

This is a rumour that circulates every now and then about KIP pulling out, running out of money, blah blah.  Might be true this time.  Who is going to buy lots and build homes in this economy?  Doesn’t matter since this is what Jim Youngren stated:

wledwood submits revised proposal021

Landowners are going to take a financial hit no matter what.  The millions required for water filtration, land for reservoir, new fire hall, property without clear title.  Who is going to loan UBID money when their assets are so limited?  This money doesn’t even take into account the upkeep on the existing infrastructure.  A major leak would force UBID to borrow money.  Those elected to act on your behalf have squandered money that had been set aside for future requirements and now there is nothing to fall back on.  A financial nightmare forced on a small number of landowners.  A $10. increase in parcel taxes is a joke.  Water meters installed to prove sufficient water for KIP which has resulted in low usage by residents and now it costs more to provide water than is being brought in to pay for it.  Good planning.

4321 water system required by VIHA because Union Bay wanted to expand by adding KIP.  Now if KIP pulls out the 4321 system will still be required – and you pay.  Even if KIP goes ahead, landowners will still pay – slick is only kicking 1.4 of the 17.4 Million estimate.

Now I can sit and mock you fools as you follow your leaders with your wallets.  You got the government you deserve and you’ll go down together.  Moving-picture-cash-money-flying-out-of-wallet-gif-animation

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