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Ha Ha – I Told You So. Kensington Island Properties

Hey Union Bay Landowners!

While you were doing this:

Copy of head_up_ass_in_suit

This happened:

Unconditional Love and the $1.4 million dollar ‘gift’ to the community.    Hillbilly developer and hillbilly community – a match made in heaven.

Union Bay Improvement District Water Infrastructure Agreement Behind the Scene

THE CELEBRATION  A historical day for Union Bay reaching an agreement with Kensington Island Properties who apparently is unaware of the steps involved when it comes to damaging creeks, storm water management and meeting conditions in place prior to approval.

WHO DOESN’T KNOW THE COAL HILLS WERE TO BE REMEDIATED AS A CONDITION OF APPROVAL?  Why hasn’t it been done?  The deal was that KIP received the coal hills in exchange for cleaning it up.  If KIP won’t clean up the coal hills – don’t let them have it.

Powers that be in Union Bay.  Never has a community deserved what has transpired with their Saviour, Kensington Island Properties.  The idiots are going to believe McM’s bullshit about the coal hills – this guy has unlimited excuses.  What has Union Bay received from KIP?  ZERO!  Who has benefited from this development?  Simple solution – remove the coal hills from the development.  Kensington Island Properties has known about the required remediation of the Coal Hills and sat back as tons of debris and coal waste erodes into the ocean.  KIP put on a good front in 2005 with Washer Creek, and then nothing.  Riding on the name of Youngren.

From Union Bay Improvement District Meeting April 17, 2013.

I spoke to Brian McMahon (KIP) a few times this week, he was waiting for word from the Provincial Government, regrettably the news was not good, the powers that be have linked the resolution of the Coal Hills cleanup to the start of any work. (Sewer, Water, Subdivision etc.)
Apparently the issue was on the agenda for the B.C. Treasury (probably as Government dollars are involved) yesterday. Other items that were on the list were resolved but the Coal Hills issue was tabled, with the election /change in government Brian does not expect it to reach the table till at least June.
This places UBID in a vulnerable position with VIHA as we have to submit a plan on how & when we will be installing a water treatment at the latest on September 30 2014 if we cannot meet that date for installation Dec 31 2015 we need to submit a plan with studies by November 1st of this year to gain an extension.
This report/plan can either be undertaken with an outside consultant of our own Public Works Committee (PWC) could potentially put it together.  As a footnote UBID’s agreement with KIP states that if a facility is not in place by December 31 2014 the agreement will be void unless there is some form of written agreement in place.
We also know that the CVRD have made application for an extension as they are looking at a capital expenditure of between $25million- 52 Million.
1.    Have the PWC review the situation in May/June to make a recommendation on the situation. (internal study- external consultant).
2.     If we know by August 1st 2013 that the Kip project is still on hold, negotiate with KIP to achieve a way we can proceed with the phase 1 Water Treatment Installation. On this I am looking for ideas. Partial install Say U.V. Treatment.
We need to have the water quality for the benefit of the Residents of Union Bay.
Alan J Webb
Trustee UBID
rationalizing resources and risks
goals guiding principles
results of review
next steps

You fools were sold a dream.  Enjoy the money pit hillbillies!
 Proud owners of a money sink hole.

2 thoughts on “Ha Ha – I Told You So. Kensington Island Properties

  1. It’s not clear if there has to be a resolution in place prior to starting any work OR if KIP has to provide some sort of surety. It’s worded very carefully. No doubt there is no physical record of this conversation. It would be interesting to see what hard copy is available for all the dealings with Kensington Island Properties.

    UBID is notorious for lack of documenting conversations. Everyone relies on memory and unfortunately the memories of those associated with UBID suffer terrible memory loss upon departure.


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