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Another Great Quote From Kensington Island Properties About the Toxic Coal Hills

Talk about providing comedy material.  The recent events regarding the coal hills remediation reminded me of this article in the Comox Valley Record August 2012, and then republished by CoalWatch at:

It has been more than a decade since KIP purchased 1,000-plus acres in Union Bay. The company plans to build houses, a golf course, a marina walkway, and a series of parks and trails. It has so far invested more than $12 million into the project, says Kensington vice-president Brian McMahon.

The company is well aware of the coal hills.

“It’s going to cost a lot of money and we’ve budgeted for it,” McMahon said.


“Budgeted for it”  – How can anyone keep a straight face when he spouts this funny shit?  I love it and at least he’s consistent.  He is really a funny guy – watch the videos.

High concentration of wind bags involved in KIP.

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